Auspicious fish snake theme Madhubani painting

This Auspicious fish snake theme is a master Madhubani painting originally hand painted by a rural woman artist of Madhubani, India.


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Auspicious fish snake theme Madhubani painting: This Auspicious fish snake theme is a master Madhubani painting originally hand painted by a rural woman artist of Madhubani, India.

auspicious fish snake

Features :

  • Material : Handmade Paper
  • Colour : Acrylic
  • Care : To be glass framed, kept away from dampness and sunlight
  • Art : Madhubani
  • Theme : Auspicious fish
  • Handwork : Handmade, Hand Painted
  • Communities Supported : Madhubani Artists
  • Handmade Nature : There might be slight variation in product colour and art, when seen in real, due to the handmade nature of the product. 
  • Shipping Info : Dispatched in a maximum of 18 business days. This product is made on order.

Description :

Deep in the rural interior of India, the women folk of a traditional people practice an art form that not only captures the legends and mythology of ancient culture, but also reflects the mixing of art and life. The beautiful region that lends its name to this art is Mithilanchal in northern Bihar, and so unique is this nearly 15000 years old tradition, that Mithila Paintings, also known as Madhubani Paintings, has the rare honor of being awarded Geographical Indications Patents Rights by the Government of India, for its distinct cultural identification.

The art of Mithila is characterized by the richly colored free hand figures that depict scenes from mythology and its reflection in daily life. They have a style so unique, with deliberately out of scale curves and miniaturizations, that anyone familiar with art will know with one glance that they are looking at the work of Mithila artists. Today, Madhubani art is recognized the world over, not just for its forms and colors, but also the deeply meaningful stories it portrays.

MITHILAsmita, a UN Women award winning Indian art enterprise, through its global online store ‘ArtNHer’ works towards ‘preserving art and supporting livelihoods’, by continuously innovating through unique socially conscious Madhubani art and art-based lifestyle products supporting artists, artisans and weavers communities of India.

ArtNHer, as the name suggests, is MITHILAsmita’s endeavour to support the livelihood of women through heritage art, while catering to the global demands of museum quality authentic Indian art merchandise.

Your purchase is going to support us in our mission!

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 5.5 in


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