Who Are We

Artnher is an initiative by MITHILAsmita to showcase the museum quality artwork by the master Mithila (Madhubani) women artists of India. MITHILAsmita is a folk art preservation and promotion Social Enterprise, promoting the Madhubani Paintings of India and supporting the traditional women artists of Madhubani.

What we Do

Artnher showcases the finest museum quality collections of MITHILAsmita. These are the work by the master artists team of MITHILAsmita, primarily women.

How are we different

The ArtnHer collection focuses on the master artists team and therefore different schools of paintings are showcased on the online store, with a variety in color art, line and tattoo art. Some of the most intricate and vibrant work of MITHILAsmita luxury scarves could be enjoyed on the site. Finest works in both silk and cotton, with a differential pricing depending on the grade of work can be expereienced in the art scarves section.

The art of Mithila is characterized by the richly colored free hand figures that depict scenes from mythology and its reflection in daily life. They have a style so unique, with deliberately out of scale curves and miniaturizations, that anyone familiar with art will know with one glance that they are looking at the work of Mithila artists. Today, Madhubani art is recognized the world over, not just for its forms and colors, but also the deeply meaningful stories it portrays.

We at ‘MITHILAsmita’ strive to preserve the original Mithila art form in its several centuries old free hand style, by providing genuine artists from Mithilanchal a platform to showcase their work.


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