Kalamkari Hand block Printed Dress


Discover the allure of Kalamkari hand block printed dress from Machilipatnam. Adorned with intricate designs, these fabrics are transformed into exquisite clothing pieces. Embrace the timeless elegance and artistic craftsmanship that these creations offer.

ArtNHer is committed to empowering rural communities and promoting women’s livelihood through art and craft.


Kalamkari Hand block Printed Dress: Experience the allure of Kalamkari hand-block printed textiles from Machilipatnam, India. These exquisite fabrics beautifully depict intricate designs inspired by nature and mythology. Discover the charm of clothing crafted from Kalamkari textiles, embracing the rich heritage and timeless elegance that these unique creations offer.

This premium product was displayed at the Nehru Centre, London from 20-24 March 2023.

Features :

  • Colour: Deep red
  • Weight: 250gm
  • Dimensions(in):
  • Material: Cotton
  • Care:
  • Art: Bagh Print
  • Theme: paisley
  • Handwork: Handmade
  • Communities Supported: Tribal artisans
  • Handmade Nature: There might be slight variations in product colour and art, when seen in real, due to the handmade nature of the product.
  • Shipping Info: Dispatched in a maximum of onward-winning days. This product is made on order.

Description :

MITHILAsmita, a UN Women award-winning Indian art enterprise, through its global online store ‘ArtNHer’ works towards ‘preserving art and supporting livelihoods’, by continuously innovating through unique socially conscious Madhubani art and art-based lifestyle products supporting artists, artisans and weavers communities of India.

ArtNHer, as the name suggests, is MITHILAsmita’s endeavour to supply museum-quality crafts of women through heritage art, while catering to the global demands of museum-quality authentic Indian art merchandise.

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